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About the National park farm

The National Park Farm is the gateway to Folgefonna National Park and the starting point for trips to Buarbreen glacier. 

National Park Farm

The hike to Buarbreen is spectacular, and it starts at the National Park Farm for a good experience. It is indeed an attraction in itself. At the farm, you will meet highland cows, sheeps, pigs and chickens. There are tables and benches set up for resting several places on the


Adventure & Experience

The hike to Buarbreen is about a
three hour long round trip. The path
goes through a varied landscape
with several lush rivers and a suspension bridge. In the steeper sections, it is a rope to hold on to. This
is not a regular mountain hike, but
an active and exciting route.


The mountaineering company Hardanger Breføring was established in 1992 by the certified mountain guides Bjørn and May Britt Buer.
Our company is located in Odda, Hardanger, nearby Trolltunga and the two nationalparks, Folgefonna and Hardangervidda.
Buarbreen is well-known and popular because the glacier is easily accessed. Now a days Bjørn runs the company with his wife Elisabeth and their 3 children. The Buerfamiliy lives at the Nationalpark farm which is the startingpoint of the path to the glacier.

Historically we have been offering private guiding on the glacier and alpine climbing in the surrounding high mountains. The summer of 2021 we will offer short glacier hikes so that adventourus visitors can be able to experience the glacial landscape and the beautiful blue ice hikes.

Come join us on an exciting glacier hike!



The parking availability is goodand costs NOK 150 - regardlessof the length of the stop.

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